Greater Bemidji, Inc.

Greater Bemidji is a 501c3 non-profit, charitable organization serving the greater Bemidji region of north-central Minnesota. The mission is simple: drive development and promote prosperity in the region.

Greater Bemidji is governed by a 28-member, all-volunteer board of directors made up of diverse and key private sector and public leaders in the region.

Greater Bemidji is primarily funded from private-sector investments in the region. In addition, the City of Bemidji and Beltrami County both serve as critical partners and key funding sources.

Greater Bemidji has three staff (Executive Director, Assistant Director, and Administrative Assistant), as well as contracted personnel to lead the Minnesota Innovation Institute, LaunchPad initiatives, Headwaters Angel Fund, 218Relocate, Community Concierge Program and more.

Greater Bemidji relies on deep partnerships with local and regional organizations.

To our partners, investors and community leaders, we extend a sincere THANK YOU!

Mayflower Building