Paulbunyan GigaZone

As technology advances, so do Bemidji residents and local businesses.

The Bemidji region is home to one of the largest all-fiber optic rural Gigabit networks (GigaZone) in the United States capable of download and upload speeds of up to 10 Gbps (10,000 Mbps!). While served by several broadband providers, Paul Bunyan Communications in particular has made huge investments in the Bemidji area having laid one of the most advanced all-fiber infrastructures in the nation…right here in the north woods. View the GigaZone Availability Map.

Our community is also served by Midco and CenturyLink. No other community in Minnesota of Bemidji’s size is served by three major telecommunications providers.

Minnesota’s Emerging Regional Center

Our community has all the regional center amenities to support your business and workforce,
while maintaining the small town beauty and character that make this place home.