North-central Minnesota is blessed with low-cost, reliable electricity. The region compares very favorably with the rest of the state, upper Midwest and nation:

2021 Average Electrical Rate Comparison (cents/kwh)

Residential Commercial Industrial
Minnesota average13.5710.387.70
North Dakota average10.189.397.83
South Dakota average11.459.897.04
National average13.1410.686.76

Natural Gas

The greater Bemidji region also offers competitive natural gas rates, especially when compared to the national average. Cheaper gas prices add up quickly to bottom line savings for companies and families in the region.

2022 Natural Gas Prices (Dollars/Thousand Cubic Feet)

State Price
Minnesota average11.02
North Dakota average8.39
South Dakota average11.14
Wisconsin average8.64
National average12.98

Minnesota’s Emerging Regional Center

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